Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Delights of Japanese Cuisine Two recent experiences:
  1. It's hot. You're parched. You stop and pick up a nice, big carton of grape juice. Cold...fruity...refreshing. Rushing home, you sit your sweaty self on the couch. You open the container with much anticipation and take a big gulp of what seems to be congealed milk. Isn't juice so much more refreshing when it's filled with gelatinous sludge?
  2. For some fun with foreigners, select the organ in an animal that filters out all the toxins we encounter. Cut it out. Chop it into uniformly-shaped bits and serve with garlic and sesame oil. Feed it to your foreigners and laugh, for they are weak. Liver sashimi, folks. Liver sashimi.

Cow tongue, no problem. Pig intestines, okay. Even raw bacon was better than I expected. But there comes a point when a line must be drawn, my friends. A line must be drawn.



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