Sunday, February 26, 2006

Da Mauro

My birthday dinner was at our favorite Italian restaurant, in Nagoya or anywhere - Da Mauro! Small and intimate and ranging from very reasonably-priced pasta dishes to special-treat meals of several courses, Da Mauro is one of our sure winners. The Italian chef speaks English and comes out to take our order. The first time we went there, he came out and asked, "What do you want to eat?" Mike told him he was looking for something with sausage and a cream sauce; did they have anything like that? The chef said, "Yes, of course, I make! I make the pasta, I make the sauce, I make the sausage, I put it together, I make. Whatever you want, I make." Wow! Have you ever heard of service like that in America?? Mike's looking a little uncomfortable here because my camera has a bright green light that lights up in low-light settings. Posted by Picasa



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