Friday, August 25, 2006

On to Fuji!

One of the cool things about Japan is that manhole covers are decorated with some artwork unique to the city. If you stop to look at a manhole cover in the U.S. (though why would you?), you'll most likely find a plain cross-hatch pattern with the words East Jordan Iron Works printed on it somewhere - though, as you can see in that link, other options are available! Time to pressure city hall for pretty manhole covers. Anyway, this is the manhole cover design in Gotemba, the town at the foot of Mt. Fuji where we stayed. Check out the city website; it has a cool little feature called "Today's Mt. Fuji." Click on the link and you get a view of what Mt. Fuji looked like this morning! When I clicked it just now, it showed a bank of clouds and said, "Sorry, we can't see Mt. Fuji today." Sounds familiar. Posted by Picasa



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