Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Halfway Point???

We don't know for sure... but we think that this was the halfway point in the ascent to the top! You can kind of see a little shrine behind Sam here with lots of ribbons and bells on it. (There was another one at the beginning of our climb that I didn't take a picture of.) We've seen the kind of shrine when hiking before. As I understand it, you're supposed to pray that the god(s) of the mountain would give you a safe climb before you begin, give thanks for safety when you're done, and (judging by this shrine) perhaps throughout your climb as well. The bell and ribbon are some kind of offering, I guess. The walking sticks we bought at the bottom - Sam has hers here - all came with bells and your choice of ribbon. I like the idea of asking for a safe climb, though I don't pray at these shrines (just because my God is a "jealous" god, in the sense of a person who doesn't want their spouse dating other people). You can click here for more information on Shinto. Posted by Picasa



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