Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mike and Our Tree #2

Before we put the lights on the tree, we made sure to check that they were all working properly. Then, to make sure that we were stringing them on the tree evenly, we left the lights plugged in as we put them on the tree. Then we added the ribbon, and some raffia, and ornaments and candy canes... and somewhere near the end of that process, I noticed that there was a bulb out. Two bulbs, actually. No, actually, many, many bulbs out! Somewhere along the way, most of one of our strands of lights had stopped functioning. So we dug through the tree, trying to figure out where the problem was - not fun, especially since I seem to be mildly allergic to pine trees and my hands had just stopped itching from putting the lights on to begin with. Mike was more persistent than I was and eventually succeeded in both pinpointing and fixing the issue. I was proud and impressed, and the final product, again, was well worth the trouble.



Anonymous fraya said...

Merry Christmas!
Nice tree.
Love you guys!

12/19/2006 09:38:00 AM  

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