Friday, April 27, 2007

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

My apologies - I haven't been updating very well lately! Last weekend, our little family went to the wildflower garden near Nagoya Port. It was threatening to rain and Chloe was a little grouchy, but the temperature was pleasant and we had a good time. The garden was divided into a number of theme rooms/areas, which was pretty neat. I got lots of ideas for how to spend lots of money when we get home. :) Mike and Chloe tiptoeing through the tulips, so to speak, shortly after we entered the park.

A view of the main section of the garden, facing the port. It was really a pretty gloomy day. This garden is placed right in the middle of the most industrial section of Nagoya and I'm not sure that you can get a view of any part of it without some kind of concrete tower or factory also in sight. We kept checking Chloe's diaper because there was this kind of stinky-sweet smell in the air... just like baby poop!

Daddy and daughter posing for the camera. They had both been blowing spit bubbles for me a minute ago, but now it's just Chloe. :) Chloe and I hanging out in front of the wildflower meadow. Are these all native to Japan? I don't know. Unfortunately, Chloe's not really old enough to think the flowers are all that interesting. Darn. What do you notice about this picture? Look closely! You can click on the image to make it larger. Well, it's not real, it's bonsai! One section of the garden had these little dollhouse scenes of Japanese culture surrounded by all different kinds of little bonsai trees. One thing I've learned here is how many plants you can "bonsai." It's pretty incredible.

This one's for Sam. I thought this fountain was pretty cool. I think there were actually little frogs in this pond, but Mike thought that they were speakers.

And finally, a Pretty Flower. I don't know what it is, but I thought that all the little spikeys coming out of it gave it a very interesting look. ***Edited to note: I'm wondering if this might be a variety of spider cleome. Does anyone know?***

That's all for now! This coming week is Golden Week, the week when the entire country goes on holiday. Mike and I are going to try our luck camping, so pray for good weather for us. Mike's co-workers keep saying, "With the BABY??? You are going camping NOW, with the BABY???" Well, we thought about leaving her home, but we were afraid she might trash the house... Pray for good weather! Did I say that already? :)


Blogger Heidi Sue said...

Gorgeous pics, Meiks. Especially the purple flower against yellow flower back-drop one... oh - and any picture of Chloe is gorgeous.

Praying for good weather for your camping trip (we're thinking of taking Samara camping the week befor her first birthday, I'm already imagining the insanity!)

4/28/2007 02:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What a lot of flowers and how lovely you all are:) LOve you! Mom

4/29/2007 11:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Karen Johnson said...

Wow! I found your blog by accident, was reading Heidi's and found yours. I was so pleased to see that you are married and have a beautiful daughter! Seems like such a long time ago when you were at the Seminary and living at Englewood with that crazy roomate!
What brings you to Japan?
Again, so happy for you.
Karen Johnson

4/30/2007 08:14:00 PM  

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