Monday, September 05, 2005

Tragedy in New Orleans Shame on us! For all the good things that have happened in New Orleans in the last few days, for all the relief that has begun to arrive, for all the people that have given money and aid, none of it excuses the avoidance of responsibility that resulted in this mayhem. Not only was this inevitable natural disaster inadequately planned for, but the poor were left out of the equation almost entirely. In a drill last year, authorities determined that 100,000 people did not have the the vehicles they needed to evacuate the city on their own. I saw a New Orleans police officer interviewed on CNN this morning. He said that some of these people who remained in their homes (of necessity, not choice!) and were trapped on their roofs were afraid to evacuate by helicopter. This wasn't because they were afraid of heights and swinging from a rope far above ground was frightening. No, they were afraid that it would cost too much and they were afraid that they couldn't afford it. Are we fostering too much of a sense of entitlement in our poor? Or is it perhaps the opposite? The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is accepting donations at



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