Friday, January 27, 2006

Bomb Scare

We had a bomb scare here earlier this week! Only... we weren't scared... we didn't know about it until one of the girls from yoga asked me if we'd had to evacuate... So the story! Earlier this week or late last week, a whole neighborhood very near our house (right around the supermarket Frente, if that means anything to anyone) was evacuated because a bomb was found. It's not what you're probably thinking, though - this was an American bomb presumably dropped during World War II that was somehow unearthed and had to be disarmed. Crazy!! Unexploded bombs are things I think of in places like Vietnam and Cambodia, not an industrialized country like Japan! But when I did a search for "Nagoya" and "bomb" on the Japan Times website, I found other stories that were quite similar. It shouldn't be surprising, I suppose; we bombed Nagoya quite heavily during World War II. One reason downtown is so entirely new is that essentially all of the old was wiped out. When I think about it, this probably still happens in Europe, as well. It's just something that never occurs to me because I grew up in Michigan. Let's see, when was the last time that Michigan was embroiled in a war... Certainly neither world war, Vietnam, nor Korea... the Civil War was too far south, as was the Spanish American War... looks like it'd have to be the War of 1812! It's pretty amazing, really, how blessed we Michiganders are to live in a place that's been free of significant conflict for so very long.



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