Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kozoji Study

Wow! I'm really behind! I've just begun working at the church, and this last week was really busy. A week and a half ago, I led this Bible study for the last time. They're such a warm group and I really enjoyed them. They are, from back left: Yamazaki-san (who recently ran a marathon in Hawaii!), Dansako-san, Iwayama-san (a founding member of this church), Sakakibara-san, Inoue-san (another founding member), Tomida-san (a wonderful, wise man), me, and a woman whose name I'm afraid I don't know - she just came more regularly the last couple weeks. Another regular attender, Steve, just recently moved so he isn't pictured, along with a couple other ladies. I learned so much from this group about Japanese culture and perspectives on Christianity. They asked hard questions and challenged to find answers in a wonderful way. I am so thankful to them and to my other group for these things! Posted by Picasa


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