Monday, February 19, 2007


I've been trying to post new photos for days, but wasn't able to log in to Blogger! I was finally able to after leaving a comment on my site. Hopefully I'll be able to post these new photos! Grandpa and Grandma Wildeboer are spending some time with the new grandbaby the evening they arrive. Chloe is wearing the cute little outfit that Abby sent. Adorable! :) Mike's office wanted to get us a gift and asked what we still needed... but we've been so showered with generosity that there's really not much we need! We told them (gulp!) that she doesn't have many toys or books. A few days later, Mike came home with bags full of toys! I'm not sure quite what Chloe thought of the vibrating pig that played "Old McDonald", but we were entertained! :D One of the neatest things they got us was a Miffy playmat. Chloe doesn't appreciate it much now - she hates being on her tummy! - but I'm sure that she'll like it as much as we do soon. :) Look at those eyelashes! They're getting longer every day. Papa Mike captures a content baby smile.


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