Thursday, May 10, 2007

Camping Trip - Day Two!

Day Two dawned really, really cold and rainy. It started raining around 5:00 a.m. and only got heavier as the day progressed, though the weather did break long enough for us to break camp late in the afternoon. When we left that afternoon, the car thermometer said that it was 10C - which is about 50 F. Chilly! But we enjoyed our day sitting under our floppy rain tarp, huddled around our little charcoal grill, drinking coffee and eating hamburgers. Except for Chloe. She didn't get any hamburgers. Above - the view in the morning. Too bad rain doesn't photograph better. Mike's getting us some water from the kitchen. What a nice guy! All bundled up and nowhere to go! Chloe spent most of the day in one of our laps snuggling with her sleepy bear and complaining about that darn hat we'd put on her head. Daddy and baby enjoying the beautiful day. :)


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