Thursday, October 18, 2007

Clever Girl!

Here's a picture of our clever girl taken a couple-few weeks ago. Chloe was crawling around the kitchen floor sticking everything into her mouth that she could get her hands on, as usual, when she picked up my water bottle... chewed on the straw for a minute... then started drinking out of it like an old pro! This is a pretty fantastic development for us, as she usually refuses to drink water out of a bottle ("What are you guys trying to pull on me??? This isn't milk!!!") and her excitement over drinking from a cup is a few months ahead of that skill set. :-) In other news, I've been contemplating moving my blog to Typepad. Every few weeks - maybe not quite that often, just often enough to be frustrating - Blogger seems to get a bug and I'm not able to post, or post pictures, or upload video. It seems like an awful lot of work, though, and I don't really even know if Typepad is prone to that sort of downtime. One thing I've been thinking about is blogging a little bit more anonymously - how Googleable do I want myself, my family, and my child to be? I started this blog really on a whim shortly after we'd arrived in Japan, and now that we're back I have some thinking to do about the shape it should take in this new place in our lives. Speaking of said child, there goes another naptime...yeesh, that didn't last long.


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