Sunday, November 11, 2007


Babies do eventually stop getting new teeth, don't they? Yesterday, Chloe seemed to be getting over her most recent round of teething blues - her nose had pretty much stopped running, anyway, which is usually a pretty good sign that the worst is over, and when I finally managed to get my finger inside that stubborn little mouth today, I found - guess what? - Tooth Number Eight! Tadaaaaaa! Yes, she is quite the overachiever on the tooth front and now has the full complement of front teeth: four on top, four on bottom. Done! I was really hoping, with this tooth done, that we would have a few months off before the one-year molars started coming in. Why I thought those teeth would wait until her one-year birthday when she got her first tooth at three months, I don't know. Wishful thinking, I'm sure. As I've mentioned before, she's been teething pretty much nonstop since we arrived home from Japan. In AUGUST. FOUR MONTHS ago. Yes, egads. Heh heh heh. Well, then there's reality, isn't there. Her nose began running to beat the band again this afternoon. And, hmm... why has she had her thumb stuck all the way in her mouth all day? And boy, is she GROUCHY! So back my finger went into that little mouth... And there's at least one big lump back in molar-land. Egads. In more pleasant news, we had a nice weekend of socializing, with Mike's Uncle John and Aunt Sandy stopping by on Saturday and my brother Ben and sister-in-law Sam coming over Sunday. We really enjoyed seeing everyone, and our Little Teether, bless her heart, does always seem to be cheerful when we're around other people, so we had a couple great visits. It was great to see you guys!


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