Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks seems cheap to me sometimes. I think of times when I try to focus on gratitude to God, and my points of thanksgiving all seem so trite. I'm thankful for food - and yes, I am, but haven't lacked it enough to approach the depth of thankfulness held by anyone who has truly been without. I'm thankful for shelter - but I think that I take this for granted even more than I do food. The very abundance with which we're surrounded so easily undermines my feelings of thankfulness - perhaps I am not alone in this, and that is part of the reason why Christmas Creep has so thoroughly eclipsed this holiday. So I resolve this Thanksgiving to consciously give thanks to God for the very overabundance that mutes my thanksgiving, the ways he's restrained the darkness around us, the gift of his Son; I resolve also to seek out expressions of thanksgiving from those who truly know what it means. I've also decided to begin a Thanksgiving meme, so if you read this, please take part! Name one or two things for which you are truly, deeply thankful. 1. I'm thankful for richness that Mike and Chloe have added to my life. 2. I'm thankful for the afternoon I was able to spend with my Grandma a few weeks ago. She had a fall a couple weeks ago and has been quite confused since then, and while I hope that her health will improve again I'm very glad for that bit of time. I tag Heidi, Erica, Sammy, and Ben!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Meika, this is Shelly again, and thanks for your commentary on giving thanks, always reflective you are, this goaded me. But I am also here with a baby question for you.....Are you aware of US distributers for miffy products? I ask b/c I found a great red stripe playmat for the approaching 'bundle' that hapens to be miffy, which I really like, but b/c it's coming from the netherlands, shipping is outrageous. I remember a Japan posting of yours about something miffy and was curious whether you just might have some info here.....any ideas?

11/23/2007 10:52:00 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

I am truly thankful for the blessing of health without cancer for my mother.

11/23/2007 01:19:00 PM  
Blogger Meika said...

Hey Shelly! Unfortunately, I don't really know anything about Miffy in the U.S. I was surprised and disappointed to realize that there's not much Miffy here. :-(

One suggestion I do have, though, is to call or email the company and see if they can send it to you more inexpensively. A lot of times when I tried to order something from the U.S. in Japan, the only option that would pop up for me was international next-day air - which would have had me buying $4 board books for $80. I got in touch with one company and they said they were willing to do a surface shipment if I wanted, but insurance wasn't available on that type of shipment so I would have to sign a waiver or something like that. So they might be able to do something for you. A playmat's not very heavy... and that sounds really cute; I'm looking it up right now.

When are you due??

11/30/2007 01:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Thanks for the advice...I'll give it a try....I love the bright colors and minimialist style of some of the miffy stuff I've found, and many products from Europe in particular...everything seems less, what's the word, 'cluttered' or 'encumbered', I don't know, or this is just a preference...

I am due on the 10th, so very soon, and am now in the waiting stage, feeling bigger than I like to feel...and, well, I'm sure you know the feeling. And I all of sudden find myself eating all time, ugh, either the result of nerves or more space for food in my stomach (since I've dropped)! Prayers are coveted as I approach this passage into motherhood.

take care, Meika,

12/02/2007 04:53:00 PM  

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