Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Airport Field Trip

To go a bit out-of-order... This weekend, we dropped off Chloe's Grandpa and Grandma Wildboer at the airport. Here they are saying good-bye to the happily unconscious babe... And here's a little family picture of the three of us...

And now for some Weird Japan! After seeing Mom and Dad to the gate, we decided to grab some Starbucks before heading home. The airport was having a little fair or something in their restaurant-and-shopping area - they seem to do this a lot on weekends - complete with the weird mascot below. This is the mascot for NHK, Japan's national television corporation. NHK is known for stalking and harrassing foreigners to try to get them to pay for the Japanese television they don't watch. See why they need a scary mascot? :) They have little toy action figures of this guy all over... but some things just shouldn't be life-size!

We also saw this man performing on some traditional Asian instrument. I don't know what it is, but I saw an old man on the street playing something similar in Taiwan many years ago. It was beautiful.

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