Saturday, March 10, 2007

In Other News...

In non-baby news, last night we went to a sayonara party for our neighbors, Steve and Mariko, who are moving back to Michigan next week. We're so sorry to see them go! They've been wonderful neighbors. Here's Mariko, basking in sukiyaki goodness...
Here's a picture of Steve sitting next to Mike. Their little girl, Hanna, is behind him.
And today, our little family went to Denny's today for an afternoon brunch, followed by a visit to the motorcycle shop next door.
Mike liked this one. Rrrrrrrrrmmmmmm, rrrrrrrrrmmmm, rmmrrrrrrmmmm!
On the way out, I helped Mr. California get away with the booty.
And that's all the news from Lake Nagoya! Where all the men are short (except Mike)... all the women are painfully thin (except Meika)... and all the children are above average (well, at least Chloe is!)!


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